Full-Stack .Net Developer

About the customer
The Customer is a Swedish company that focuses on educational technology (EdTech). They provide digital solutions and platforms for various educational purposes, such as learning management systems, interactive educational content, and tools for teachers and students. Their goal is to enhance learning experiences through technology and provide innovative solutions for educational institutions.

The Customer started with a clear goal – to democratize knowledge through technology. It is also what drives them today. To date, over 500,000 families have chosen to explore a new and fun way of learning with their courses and applications.

About the team
Multiple teams are with .NET experience.
The team that you will be working closest to will include:
1 VP of Technology
1 Product Manager
1 UX/UI Designer

Assignment description
The project is related to streaming media and rights management within a Microsoft environment.
The solution is not intended for private customers but for other types of customers and aims to create a web-based experience.
The idea is for the backend solution to be able to handle various types of clients and applications that wish to use the same type of solution.

The project is a Greenfield project where the front-end development will have the freedom to choose technologies within JavaScript.
Currently, the project is in a “discovery phase” where discussions about use cases are ongoing.
The plan is to soon start sketching UX.

On this project, you will be the main Fullstack Developer and will be working closely with the VP as well as the Product Manager, Back-End Developers, and UX/UI Designer.

Since the project will be in its early stage it is of high importance to be in sync with the other team members so communication and check-ins at regular intervals will be key factors in this role.
You will need to come up with your own ideas, recommendations, and improvements that will move the project forward at an efficient and good pace.

Must haves
– .NET: We’re seeking candidates with extensive hands-on experience, not just basic familiarity.
– Optimizely (Episerver) Expertise: Familiarity and experience with Optimizely are crucial as it will serve as our CMS engine.
– JavaScrpit: You will have free reign to choose your preferred JS Framework.

– Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
– Strong communication skills to effectively communicate ideas and collaborate with team members.
– Adaptability and willingness to learn new technologies and methodologies.
– Proactive attitude towards problem-solving and project management.
– Self driven approach to ensure the success of efficient development.

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