The collaboration with Developers Shore began in a phase where our company, Tryggsam, had grown a lot and we noticed that the company had primarily shifted to being a sales company more than a tech company. At the same time, we had the technical part of the company where development progressed rapidly and we therefore chose to spin off the technical solution into our own independent company which became Monitum AB. Monitum is a white label CRM system.

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Who are Monitum?

Monitum is a white-label CRM-system. It’s the ultimate superhero for your customer base. It’ll help you keep track of every customer interaction, lower your churn-rate, and maintain world-class customer relationships.

Who are you (Musa Jallow)?

My name is Musa Jallow and I work as a tech lead at Monitum. I am the manager of the development team in Sweden but also of the team that we are going to start up in Lithuania. We are today a total of 10 developers in Stockholm and will be 3-4 developers in Lithuania, hopefully with the help of Developers Shore.

Describe the scope of the project with Developers Shore

We were contacted by their account manager Waldemar who managed to get through the noise of all the other sellers who wanted my time and attention. The timing was perfect as we had a need of more development and expansion of Monitum. My task was to build a development team. Our backend system is built in PHP and it was not the easiest task to find the right skills, in addition we found it more difficult in Sweden. We were in contact with several agencies who promised a lot in form of fast deliveries and competent candidates. Unfortunately, no one really delivered on the promises all the way until we got in touch with Waldemar from Developers Shore.

Waldemar was responsive to what we were looking for and for finding the right resources for us. In addition, he was very transparent with what is required and expected of us as clients. In order to find the right match, commitment is also required from the customer’s side. Today we have two consultants from Developers Shore.

The first consultant took some time to find, it takes time to get to know each other and to understand the need when it comes to both competence and personality. The second consultant was signed in only 1.5 weeks. Developers Shore was patient and kept delivering relevant candidates. The team we worked with, consisting of Eugene, Vlad & Waldemar, managed the process really well!

What was the main reason that you chose consultants through Developers Shore?

It was a combination of an urgent need and Waldemar from Developers Shore getting in touch at exactly the right time. The right skills were more important to us than having the people work on site in Stockholm. We became interested in the set up of having access to a community of quality-assured consultants and decided to go for it.

Today we have a DevOps consultant and a PHP developer from Developers Shore. One consultant is from Ukraine and the other from Azerbaijan. They have really become a part of the team as they have both the right skills and personal qualities. We therefore see this collaboration as long-term. We are keen that the consultants are also satisfied!

Developers Shore did a good job in supporting the consultants early in the interview phase. Everyone is different when it comes to communicating and needs different amounts of clarity. Thanks to the fact that Waldemar was convinced that the consultant was the right match for us, he was able to coach the consultant to give the information we needed to feel equally confident. The consultant could have been out of the process because of the first impression. But Waldemar went the extra mile and I learned the importance of being clear about what I want to get out of the interview.

How did you select Developers Shore and what were the deciding factors?

We chose Developers Shore because they delivered what they promised and were clear about requirements and expectations from their side as well. Many companies contact us and promise a lot without us having to make anything in return. It never works, we’ve learned. We need to be an engaged customer who tells us what we need along the way and we need to work as partners. Developers Shore has never promised more than they can deliver. The time I have put into the collaboration has always felt rightly invested and the result has exceeded our expectations.

What has been the main role of the consultants in the project?

We needed a DevOps consultant to take more ownership of the Monitum infrastructure. Previously, we collaborated with a consulting company and the environment was built into their infrastructure. We needed complete ownership and could not depend on them. Therefore, we needed someone with solid knowledge in both DevOps and infrastructure.

We brought in the PHP developer to continue developing the CRM system and to increase capacity. We had been working at a good pace but some sprints took longer than expected. This took place during the summer and we understood that it would have been difficult finding someone at that time. We constantly had continuous check-ins with Waldemar so we knew we could turn to him when we had a need. To ensure continuous delivery in the project, we needed a resource with good quality quickly, which Waldemar and the team helped us with.

Can you share some outcomes of the project so far?

Some concrete results are that we were helped to take control of the entire infrastructure. The work continues with migrating infrastructure from the company in Lithuania as well. One of the consultants from Developers Shore has helped us in that project, which has generated both reduced costs and more efficient work. In addition to that, the collaboration has resulted in improvements regarding code structure, more efficient processes and in our working methods. The focus going forward is developing a new version of our CRM system in 2024.

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