Backend development

Backend development

What is called the backend of a website usually consists of parts that together form a system consisting of a server, database and an application layer. Changes in the back-end are carried out by a system developer in order to further develop the system itself and improve the function of the website. Likewise, back-end development is also about maintaining good structure and security with the help of the codes used. Therefore, backend development is also a great aid for the front-end developer whose task is to make the site aesthetically pleasing and easily oriented for the visitor.

Backend developer commitments

A backend developer or software developer constantly has a hand in the game to ensure that all components work together as they should and that the data is stored and organized according to the right principle. The system can be developed from scratch, but an already existing system also requires various types of adjustments and updates as well as regular checks so that the system does not bug. The backend developer works in constant synchronization with the other IT developers in, for example, frontend development to get the system running from bottom to surface. In short, the software developer is responsible for a website’s efficiency, logic and loading speed and more.

At Developers Shore, dedicated and professional system developers work to program, secure and build websites in various ways. Your project is analyzed at a detailed level to determine the complexity of systems and processes for best results.

Your website – at depth

To be able to carry out the programming in the backend, one or more programming languages ​​are needed for the code compilation. In back-end development, there are usually more coding languages ​​to use. The system developers often have greater freedom of choice and can familiarize themselves with technologies such as Python, Ruby, PHP and .Net and more. However, Java is usually customary in the system development of the larger and advanced websites, while PHP is usually more convenient for the slightly smaller projects.

Developers Shore’s system developers are always responsive to each individual customer’s wishes and the construction of systems and websites. It is worth pointing out that different coding languages ​​have different prerequisites and various top features that are suitable for different purposes. When you hire us, we go deep into your specific case to build a functioning and adapted system from the ground up.

Why Developers Shore?

We always value quality when delivering software and offering our web development services. Thanks to a driven and focused development team in Kiev, Ukraine, we are able to provide knowledgeable staff at reasonable prices that guarantee a safe environment. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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