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Developers Shore augmented a design studio’s development team for multiple projects. They helped find, assess, and present qualified candidates for the client’s project.

Developers Shore played an important role in delivering the client’s projects to the stakeholders. They conducted daily stand-ups and sprint planning, then demo with the end clients during the engagement. Their excellent profiling of candidates, especially technical experts, impressed the client.

Client case - New Frontiers - Serhat Ferat

Who are New Frontiers?

NewFrontiers are a Stockholm based design studio. Insight-led design is NewFrontiers preferred and primary way of working. NewFrontiers help their clients with a wide array of design, from brand creation and strategy to digital solutions and artwork production

Who are you (Serhat Ferat)?

I am the owner of the Strategic design Studio NewFrontiers. We serve our customers and partners with creative, innovative and strategic solutions that help move them into growth

For what projects did your company hire Developers Shore, and what were your goals?

Our goal is always to create digital products and solutions that excels on our (and our clients) expectations. Most of our clients are small/medium sized companies with the need of an agile developer that understands their needs and that helps them find the right solutions. Developers shore have always been in the fore-front of this: advising us and our clients to the best possible solutions and developers.

How did you select Developers Shore and what were the deciding factors?

I found Developers Shore through recommendations from other agencies that were extremely happy with their collaboration. Developers Shore are always putting the client first, doing so by first understanding exactly what is needed and then presenting relevant candidates based on the specific need. Their candidates are always tailored for the task at hand and all have different profiles

Describe the scope of the project

”The projects are always initiated with a kick-off meeting where we share the insights from our research phase, here Developers Shore are always bringing new insights to the table to improve the process. Very shortly after we are being presented with suitable candidates and are assisted in choosing the right one for our project whenever needed. We are then given the possibility to interview each candidate before starting the project.”

Client case - New Frontiers - App displayed on iPad

Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project?

Our clients have always been extremely happy with the outcome and attention to visual details. Most of them being start-ups are really focused on time-to-market in comparison to initial cost and Developers Shore have always delivered on both.

What did you find most impressive or unique about Developers Shore?

”Their ability to always find the right profile, no matter the client and their technical needs are impressive! They have a deep and solid understanding of working with not only creative studios like our own but also the start-up scene and the demands (and limitations) that comes with it.”

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

Like all projects there might be some bugs and visual mistakes but the developers provided by Developers Shore are always proactive in fixing these.

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