DevOps development

DevOps development

DevOps is a way to take web development one step further. The term is an abbreviation and amalgamation of “development” and “operations”. It is development and operation in one and the same package and more. A fair explanation is to summarize DevOps as the management of an application’s full life cycle, which includes development, testing, operation, integration and, not least, security monitoring. Several methods are included in DevOps, such as Agile and Lean.

The DevOps principle

Working according to the DevOps principle means a shorter step towards launching a software. It also means faultless testing, correction of errors and bugs, and also allows one and the same team to take care of all segments. Because all DevOps developers are in the same team, the organization avoids too many misunderstandings that can arise, for example, when one team may not have a full grasp of what the other team is doing.

Developers Shore assembles talented groups of DevOps developers to create a continuous flow in the management of your software. With us in the background, your system will be prepared and updated, any bugs will be fixed and the distribution of new versions will be regular. The DevOps principle helps your company gain time and avoids unnecessary bottlenecks in the system!

An agile development method

DevOps is based on something called agile system development or agile as it translates to in English. In short, it is a method that transforms changes to the benefit of customers. Agile system development includes many complicated concepts and words, but to make a long explanation short, it’s all about the fact that all build-up, checks and deliveries take place continuously.

However, it may be worth specifying that there are different methodologies that focus on different aspects. Within DevOps, we work, for example, within the Agile and Lean methodologies, both of which are based on basically the same basic idea. However, Agile takes more care of the software life cycle itself, prioritizing changes and involving the customer in the process, while Lean mainly focuses on the optimization of the production process and the elimination of things that do no good.

In the DevOps team, all methodologies are more or less included and overlap, where the focus is to ensure cooperation between development and operation.

Sometimes the differences between these different development principles can sound a little fuzzy. Get in touch with us and we’ll make it clear when we discuss your project!

How DevOps can benefit your business

Since DevOps is a holistic approach from idea to finished product and all that entails, you get more done in less time. All DevOps developers have the same goal; to deliver a software based on your specific needs in the fastest and most efficient way possible where quality is always in the background without having to hire different teams for different tasks. Collaboration is crucial when building and launching a software product – DevOps brings all the essential pieces together in one place. What you pay for is delivered quickly and all the bits and pieces are included (updates, tests and measurements, etc.).

Developers Shore’s DevOps developers are passionate about collaboration and the flexibility that DevOps brings. Our common goal is to build the sturdiest bridge between the development and operational services and combine them into a single entity. We’d love to tell you more, so get in touch with us!

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